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Version 4 is in Development!


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It has been a while since I have posted an update about the app, so I felt time to do so. Version 4 has been in the works for a couple of months now. I started working on bits and pieces of it towards the end of May. The development platform used to create and update the app is going through some significant changes in the next week, so I am trying to get ahead of those and prep for some new features they are giving us on the development side. That said, what can you expect from the next version?

So far, I am nearing the testing phase of the favorable conditions alert. This is a tricky one since favorable conditions vary from one latitude to the next. Thus, I need to compute the favorability across a wide spectrum of numbers. However, I think I have a good algorithm for that and will, hopefully, be able to test that out in the next month or so. It is not a show stopper but it is a feature I desperately want to implement.

In addition to that, I have tweaked the navigation bar in the app. The only drawback here is that I have a bar at the bottom of the screen on iOS that simply will not go away. However, in the grand scheme of things, I would be happier to have a snappier user experience with the navigation than to worry about a small, white bar at the bottom of the screen. So, if you have used any version of the app up to 3, you will see a noticeable change in the loading of screen on version 4. That is a definite plus!

Another feature that has been tweaked is the settings screen. You will now have the ability to toggle an option to keep your screen awake. While some may think this is silly, it allows those who are constantly monitoring the data the ability to keep their phone screen awake. The main page of the data auto-refreshes every 60 seconds, so there is no need to keep refreshing the screen, flipping back and forth, or turning your phone back on. The screen also includes two data values: device app ID and last sync. These values are more for troubleshooting than anything. The app ID gives you a clear indication that your device was registered with the app and the last sync lets you know when the last time your settings were last successfully synced. These values should help with any issues that may arise in the future, so I am thinking ahead!

Those are the biggest updates! I am hoping to have version 4 out for testing around mid-August and then live before activity really ramps up this winter!

Thanks for reading and thank you for being part of this amazing community!

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